23 August 2015


After a long summer, we know it can be hard to reorganise everything again. For sixth form we have so many folders, bits of paper and textbooks that it can all get a bit cluttered, causing added stress when you can't find that piece of homework that's due next lesson! Picking a bag is a great place to start - if you wear uniform it's a good way to show your personal style. Don't choose a bag that's too small or it will fall apart within a term. This is what we like to carry in our everyday school bags...

Obviously stationary is the most important thing to put in your bag and everyone needs the basics: pens, pencils, notebook, planner etc. But we like to carry a few extras that help us stay organised with our work load. We love to have flash cards with us, they are so handy for last minute revision before a test. Post-it notes are great for quick little ideas or extra information to stick inside a textbook or in your planner. Black ink can be so boring for everything - add some colour to your notes with fine liner pens or highlighters to identify the most important information. 

In our bags we always carry a little bag with a few beauty bits inside just in case of an emergency. We don't bring a full face of makeup or anything like that but it is nice to know that you have concealer just in case a spot decides to pop up during the day! Powder is handy if you tend to get shiny and having a travel sized brush is great to pop in your bag for applying it.
We also like to chuck in a few other bits in the bag including: hand cream, a compact mirror, lip balm, hairbands, sanitary products and occasionally a lipstick.

There are some extras that we like to take to school to help us get through the long day! Always bring headphones as they are great for free periods or silent revision in class - you don't want to be the only one who can't listen to music. If your school lets you then bringing your iPad or laptop into school is brilliant for when you want to make notes or possibly have a presentation to prepare. We get quite peckish in school so take some snacks and a water bottle - it also means you will be able to concentrate more on your work rather than a rumbling stomach! Towards the end of the year after our exams had finished, we started bringing playing cards in for our free periods as we had no work to do. It was really fun to play with a large group of friends - we would definitely recommend taking some to fill the time.

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