16 August 2015


What originally drew us to these Marc Jacobs perfumes was the cute packaging. We love the flower detailing and the simplistic clear bottle. Both are very fresh, florally scents which makes them more suited as a spring/summer fragrance.

Daisy - The top notes are blood grapefruit, wild strawberry and violet leaf with the heart notes being gardenia, jasmine, violet and the base notes musk, vanilla and white wood.

Daisy Dream - The top notes are blackberry, grapefruit and pear, the heart notes are wisteria jasmine and lychee with the base notes being fairly similar as the original Daisy with white wood, musk and coconut.

The Daisy perfume has a stronger scent which is longer lasting and more musky. On the other hand, with Daisy Dream, it is softer and less overpowering with a fresh finish. If you want the perfume to linger all day, you will probably need to reapply and you can purchase mini travel bottles of the Daisy collection if you don't want to carry around the whole bottle.
The best places to spritz perfume for it to last all day is the inside of your wrists, back of the ears, hair and clothes.

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