8 August 2015


In an attempt to blog more than once a week, we thought we'd try and do a 'Recently Purchased' or a 'Wish List' post once every month, usually on the second Friday. This time, we didn't have any new beauty buys so here are a few of our fashion finds that we bought for the summer.

Small Brown Leather Bag | The Leather Store Mykonos €40
This bag is a good size for everyday essentials like your phone, purse and keys. We also currently love tan accessories, especially in the warmer weather. The material is soft genuine leather which will last a long time and was great value for the high quality.

Ralph by Ralph Lauren Sunglasses £75
Sunglasses are an item that you can splash out on as they will last a long time. Generally speaking as they are more expensive they have greater protection for your eyes. These sunglasses have a unique gradient effect which makes them look feminine on the face.

Light Blue Denim Shorts | Waredenim by Warehouse £26
These simple light wash shorts have a thin turn up at the bottom and go with everything in summer! Denim shorts are a classic and a staple for the holidays so it's nice to find the ideal style.

Black Denim Shorts | Hollister £29
We've found that black shorts can be a real challenge to find when you don't want to be too revealing or only have half the material there because of all the fraying... (we're not a fan of all the hot pants at the moment). As a last resort, we ended up walking into Hollister and surprisingly found the perfect pair on sale. These ones are high waisted but cover enough and again have a small turn-up with slight frayed edges.

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