2 August 2015


We thought we'd start up a new series called Once In A Full Moon (because we'll be posting monthly) as a way of letting you know some of our favourite things each month. The Music section will be an album we've been loving or just a few songs, the Beauty section a product or look that has stood out for us in the past weeks, a TV programme or Film we've enjoyed and Life could be absolutely anything!

Beauty / I have been loving the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer this month, I have always had pretty dark undereye's and this product is so beautiful to brighten your face up without looking too cakey - definitley worth the purchase.
Music / After my dad watched 'Austin to Boston' on Netflix - it is definitely on my list to watch - he downloaded the album Islands by Bear's Den and ever since I have been listening to it none stop. They are at Reading Festival this year and I am so excited to see them live, I think they will be amazing. I may be slightly jealous that Rhiannon met them at Somersault Festival!
TV / Pretty Little Liars Season 6 is airing right now with the big A reveal! Unlike with other series where by season 6 everything is being dragged out with no excitement left, PLL has continued to introduce new drama every episode. It is definitley on my list of favourite TV series and I'm hoping that there will be a 7th season next year.
Life / My family are big planners, we definitely aren't the most spontaneous people but for this summer we didn't have anything booked until about two weeks ago. I have always loved the look of the Greek islands with whitewashed buildings and pops of colour amongst the hillsides of white. One evening we just thought "why not" and booked a gorgeous hotel in Mykonos for the week. It is absolutely stunning and for the past few days on the island it has been so relaxing: watching the sunrise, laying by the pool and exploring the streets of little Venice. The weather is beautiful, hot but not too hot and clear blue skies everyday - I'm even starting to get a bit tanned woo! I wish I could spend my whole summer here but sadly I return to rainy England later this week.

Beauty / Due to a fair few late nights, my skin has been all over the place so I've enjoyed using The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask to calm my blemishes, refresh my face and scare some people when they see me with strikingly green skin!
Music / I've been loving Nick Mulvey at the moment with his debut album First Mind. I saw him live at Somerset House this month which was incredible - he's such a talented musician vocally and on the guitar. I also recommend going to SH's Summer Series next year as the concert is outside in the middle of the house which makes for a beautiful venue.
Film / Whiplash really took me by surprise with its originality, filming style and boldness. The film is about how far you should push someone to get the best out of them and whether it's worth it in the end or if it just creates anxiety and discourages the musician. There's a 10 minute drum solo at the end which sounds like a long time but it's so interesting and keeps you on edge the whole way through. I also have a thing for Miles Teller so...
Life / I've had a couple of day trips to London this month and it's been lovely exploring more of the city. One day I met up with family in Greenwich which is a place I'd never been to before, but I loved all the massive areas of grass to lounge upon in the sun. The other time was a 'let's see how many places in London we can explore' kind of day where we made full use of the Underground. I visited Covent Gardens (try some Morelli's ice cream!), The Strand, Chinatown, Brixton Markets (visit Pop Brixton if you're ever there), Leicester Square for eating and The Natural History Museum quickly before it shut to see the dinosaurs - I know it may sound like a childish thing to see but it was genuinely really interesting! We also hired boris bikes and cycled around Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park in the sun. (I apologise for the crappy quality photos - my phone probably has the worst camera possible on a smartphone!)

Natural History Museum | Pop Brixton | Chinatown

We're really excited for this new blog series and will be doing this as a bonus post - hopefully it will give you more of a personal insight into our lives and some non-beauty things we've been loving during the month! Follow us on Spotify (esmerhiannon) to listen to our Once In A Full Moon playlist which we’ll be adding to each month.

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