28 December 2014


Brow powder has always been on our list to try out, and when Rimmel launched this product recently, - Brow This Way - we thought we'd pick it up and try it out.

The product comes with two formulas: a powder and a tinted wax - as well as a small double ended angled brow brush. Both are really pigmented so it is essential to use a light hand and only a touch of product especially for fairer complexions. The shade range isn't excellent - we have medium brown, the lightest shade - but even this would be too dark for a true blonde. However, by dabbing carefully into the product then onto the back of the hand before applying to the brows, the colour match is almost perfect. Also, although the wax is a great idea for setting the brows and adding a little bit more colour, we found that when used over the top of the powder it can look too dark.

Similar to most other brushes that come with products, this double ended brush isn't really much use. They claim that one end is soft and the other hard but there is barely a difference and we find it much easier to just use our own brow brushes. In particular, the Real Techniques Brow brush works well - it applies a light amount of product without creating harsh lines so makes for more natural eyebrows. 

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