13 September 2015


During the summer, we spent a long weekend in Salisbury for Rhiannon's 17th Birthday. We had fun exploring the historic city, making a few purchases and eating yummy food. On one of the days we decided it would be fun to go to the seaside so we travelled down to Bournemouth. The weather was very typically British - grey skies with a few moments of sunshine - but we still had a lovely day and even braved paddling in the sea.

We wandered along the seafront looking at all the lovely beach huts. If you are spending more time in Bournemouth we would definitely recommend renting one. They aren't too expensive and are perfect for groups to relax by the sea for a few hours or take shelter in if it starts to rain! The Cath Kidston decorated huts were so pretty - the cloud pattern was our favourite. If you walk to the left of the pier, there is a rainbow row of beach huts that are equally as cute. They're a lovely backdrop for some pictures too!

It's definitely not the best place for shopping but the high street has the most popular shops like Zara, New Look, Space NK etc. We weren't really in the spending mood on our day trip but we spent a fair amount of time browsing the beauty counters of the department shops and of course Space NK. Our hands were covered in swatches and we added quite a few things to our beauty wish lists. We didn't see many boutiques which was slightly disappointing but the beach is the main attraction anyway so it didn't matter too much!

Despite the pretty rubbish weather, we couldn't help ourselves from getting a traditional Mr Whippy Ice Cream to eat whilst sitting in the sand. It can be so relaxing to just sit and listen to the sound of the waves or catch up with a group of friends. The sun even came out for a few minutes so we spent a while paddling in the water like little kids. Skimming rocks has never been a skill that either of us have had but we gave it a good go until we got frustrated for failing so ended up doing a 'Who can throw the rock the furthest' competition. This nearly resulted in a child being knocked out - oops, aiming is something that we need to practice!

We had such a lovely day in Bournemouth and if you ever have the chance to walk along the seafront we would definitely encourage you to - especially if the sun is out!

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