5 July 2015


Like most other late teenagers, we have both suffered with acne and oily skin. There are hundreds of products out there targeted at reducing or stopping spots with claims of working miracles but realistically nothing will get rid of acne overnight. If you have been struggling with your skin, we highly recommend La Roche Posay products from their Effaclar range.

We read so many reviews (like Amy Alaska's) about this making miracles and completely clearing up people's acne. A lot of them said it worked almost immediately and it did but not drastically, only very minor changes. 6 weeks later though and my skin is so much clearer with only a few new spots appearing and the rest of my skin is bump free! I've still got some red marks left but they should fade and the added [+] in this new formula is supposed to try and tackle this. It is pretty expensive at just over £15 a tube but you only need a little amount once or twice a day. Aside from clearing up my skin, it has also made it unbelievably soft and smooth to touch which is an added bonus! If you've tried so many "anti acne" products and have given up due to the lack of results, then this is definitely one you need to give a go - our favourite acne reducing skincare product by far.

This is a targeted spot treatment so all you need to do is place a pea sized amount on any annoying spots overnight - it is drying so make sure it only goes on your breakouts. What the product does is bring the spot to a head which speeds up the process of getting rid of it, and on further application, it works on drying the spot out. If spots play on your mind, using this product overnight can be really reassuring to know that in the morning it will be improved - well 90% of the time!

As a toner this is an amazing additional step to use in your skincare routine for tackling excess oil and smaller spots. This definitley isn't a product that will work alone to get rid of severe acne but is excellent for those who get under the skin or surface spots. Following use for just a week, our skin looked visibly different. Unlike most other acne fighting toners it doesn't dry your skin at all, it is a light mist perfect for both morning and night use but be sure to let it completely soak into your face before applying any moisturiser.

Using these three products is our favourite blemish solution routine. When used all together they work to fight a variety of different problems: acne scarring, large spots, under-the-skin spots and excess oil. Although they are slightly more pricey than other drugstore products, they are definitley worth it and do last for a longer period of time. It is worth waiting for skincare to go on 3 for 2 offer in Boots before purchasing or looking online as often it can be cheaper.

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