31 May 2015


Whatever the special occasion, a beautiful dress and the right hair and make-up can make all the difference and have your confidence levels rising in seconds. A year ago we both had our end of secondary school prom night coming up and so we started the slightly stressful hunt of finding a prom dress… 

When you first begin, it’s quite daunting as there are so many options and styles - do you want long or short? Tulle or chiffon? High neck or strapless or somewhere in between? Then it comes to the point when you’ve done a bit of looking and you’ve figured out what you like and dislike but you can’t find the ‘perfect dress’ that ticks all the boxes. We almost just wanted a Cinderella moment so that someone could wave their wand at us and we would have a dress, shoes, everything sorted! To make it a little simpler, here are our tips for shopping for a dress and preparing for the night…
To get a bit of an idea of what you like, whenever you’re out shopping it might be an idea to take a detour into a formal dress shop like Coast or even department stores such as Debenhams and House of Fraser who often have sales on. We also found it useful to create a Pinterest board of dress styles along with possible hair and make-up looks. 
While searching online, we found an online shop called Sherry London who offer a range of outfits including evening, prom and cocktail dresses. Looking online can be a brilliant solution as there are so many more options and you can often get the dresses in a range of colours. Some online prom shops, including Sherry London, offer custom measurements which is a brilliant service as you don’t have to worry about waiting for it to arrive only to find that it doesn’t fit! Sherry London offer an international shipping service to a wide range of countries as well as speedy shipping - at an extra cost - if you are on a last minute hunt! They have an amazing selection of dresses in all different styles, colours and sizes so you are sure to find the perfect match - below are a few of our favourites.

A-line cross-cross jewel dress, Backless sweetheart A-line dress, Sleeveless empire A-line dress

Once you have the dress you can move on to finding shoes and a clutch to match as well as planning your make-up and hair. It may be a good idea to practise your make-up and hair in the week before so that you know exactly what you’re going to do on the night. We found that something like the Urban Decay Naked palettes were useful when doing our eye make-up, but other than that our make-up was fairly natural and minimalistic with a subtle hint of colour on our lips. We went down different routes in terms of our hair styles, one of us going to a hair dressers and the other doing it at home. Both worked well but it really depends on how elaborate you want your hair to look and how skilled you are yourself! We went for wavy curls and a waterfall plait, however if you have a lot of detail on the top half of your dress, then having your hair up in a perfectly tousled bun would be a lovely, sophisticated hairstyle to have. 
The night before/the morning of, we painted our nails and had a mini pamper session so that all we would have to do after our hair and make-up was done would be to (carefully) put our dress on and spritz on some perfume! We met up with friends for photos beforehand and then we all got in our cars and went to the venue. If you’ve gone a little overboard on the cost of your outfit or left it too late to book a limousine, then we managed to get 12 of us into a mini van which is a very unglamorous but very affordable option… Then all you have left to do is to enjoy yourself, which let's be honest, is the most important thing.

Our prom Pinterest boards: Rhiannon's Esme's

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