22 February 2015


Every girl dreams of having a Chanel lipstick with sleek black and gold packaging.

Rouge Coco in Liason
This lipstick is a pretty muted pink that has a creamy finish with slight flecks of gold shimmer. The soft formula makes it easy to glide onto your lips but longwearing enough that is doesn't slip off the minute you have finished applying. It's a really pretty shade to wear for everyday with natural glowy makeup - golden eyes, soft pink blush and a touch of highlighter. It's also light enough for pairing with a bold eye as it doesn't take too much attention away from your eyeshadow.
However, this lipstick formula is not the best for dryer lips as it is quite clingy. We suggest moisturiser and exfoliating your lips beforehand, you can read about our tips for preparation in this post.

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