11 January 2015


Both being procrastinators, we have gone through our fair share of Netflix viewing... So we thought we'd list our favourite TV programmes and movies that you can watch on there.

TV programmes
Gossip Girl:
Every girl likes a bit of drama and Gossip Girl roles drama and the elegant lifestyle of the Upper East side of Manhattan into one. The cast are so beautiful and all amazing actors including: Blake Lively, Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick. Our love for New York - especially in the Winter - and Blake Lively definitely started out with Gossip Girl, every scene is filmed in the Big Apple and makes your desire to visit there even more. If you are looking for a series that you can casually watch that still entices you to watch the next episode each time, this is a must!

Orange is The New Black:
This series is honestly hilarious and we love that it is pretty much an all-women cast. The plot of this crime drama is so original; Piper gets sent to prison for a crime she did 10 years ago and you get to see glimpses of both her past as well as the other inmates. We can't wait for Season 3 to be released later this year!

A top end lawyer called Harvey looks for a new associate, and as college-dropout Mike can memorise anything he reads and impresses Harvey, he hires him to be his new associate. It is against the law to practise law without a degree so that causes some drama fairly often! The relationship between Harvey and Mike is so entertaining, you'll end up half loving half hating Louis and you'll probably want Donna to be your best friend... Definitely puts a funny twist on law firms.

Stuck in Love:
It's a feel good film about multiple love stories in different generations. The cast includes lots of famous actors like Logan Lerman and Lily Collins - who is perfection - as well as up and coming actors like Nat Wolff. The film captures the heartaches and joys of one family going through fairly common situations.

In Your Eyes:
We like this indie film because it's a bit different- the concept is so clever and we didn't expect them to portray it as well as they did. The basic story line is that two strangers have a telepathic bond which means they can see, hear and feel what the other one can. There's lots of romance and a touch of humour too.

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