9 November 2014


Silver jewellery is a timeless accessory that is truly versatile and neutral. We find silver jewellery really easy to wear as it is quite plain but fresh at the same time. In this post, we'll be sharing some of our favourite pieces from our combined collection...

Charity shops are good for finding vintage accessories for a small price and this watch was a bargain at only £2. It's a black leather, mixed metal Pulsar that is good for people with slim wrists as the clock face is so small. The style is perfect for everyday wear as it's classic and really simplistic.

Basic necklaces can be great for dressing up block coloured tops or jumpers and they are extremely easy to style. This one from H&M has a geometric shape and makes for a subtle statement necklace.

Pandora is a popular choice for bracelets because of their high quality jewellery pieces. The bracelets are one of our favourites as they can change with your evolving style and are customisable.

These earrings from Accessorize have turquoise accents, giving colour to any outfit. We love studs that are more unique and add extra detail to an outfit without having a major impact on the overall look.

Pretty rings easily create a girly feel to clothes- this one was found in a small boutique and has a dainty heart on it.

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